Experience Driftwood Farms
For centuries the land upon which Driftwood Farms is situated has provided for its inhabitants.    They discovered how
to cultivate what would sustain them in this place and how to forage what was already abundant in the field, forest and
sea.  Their lives were lived in harmony with this place and as such became part of it.  Today, we find ourselves in a
different time than the first settlers.  We are not forced to learn to live off the land to survive.  However, at Driftwood
Farms, we choose to take the same approach because it links us with this special place that is in the hamlet of Orient,
New York.
 "Farming provides the means to safeguard the natural beauty of this land and to experience it as it once
says Steven Mezynieski, the estate owner, who is passionately driven to maintain the integrity of the property.   
"While you are here, you will be transported to a place of old world charm and beauty."

A friend put it best  "It’s not often that reality matches fantasy, but that’s what one experiences at Driftwood  Farms  
Located in Orient on the tip of Long Island, this is an actual farm for horses and privets but it feels like a country manor
on the coast of Ireland, with vistas, and beauty usually the stuff of dreams: 140 acres of lush green lawn sweeping right
up to 600’ of bluff on Long Island Sound,  expansive views of sky and sea, horses grazing behind fenced lined
paddocks and stables .
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Driftwood Farms
Driftwood Farms  Steven & Gretchen Mezynieski Proprietors  35675 Main Road  Orient Point  New York  11957  
Phone 631.323.8069  email driftwood.farms@yahoo.com